Full name Juan Manuel Baialardo Sarmiento. He was born in Santa Fe, Argentina in June 1981. From a very young age he devoted himself to music, which today is his hobby and passion too. After finishing his baccalaureate in computer science he studied at the Contemporary Music School of the city of Buenos Aires. He works in a family business and at age 24 he begins his studies in photography and continues with his musical projects. In his beginnings as a professional of photography ventures into advertising. In 2008, he got a job in a Newspaper from Santa Fe, a job he did until 2017 as a photojournalist and image editor. Parallel in 2011 integrates the staff of press photographers of the city government independently. He worked in the campaign of the current mayor of the city of Santa Fe, in his first and second terms. In 2017, he is in charge of photo-communication in the campaign of the candidate elected as a national deputy for the province of Santa Fe. As a freelance, he ventures into visual communication and photography in some projects. He traveled to several countries developing his photographic gaze. He participated in workshops, also international, such as those offered by Visa pour l'image in France. He has won competitions and mentions such as the World water day photo contest 2017, opening doors to exhibit his work in some Italian cities and Sweden too. Since its inception participates in various national exhibitions among the most prominent the annual and itinerant exhibition of Argentine photojournalism, on three occasions or the ¨ Salon de Mayo¨ in 2012. Published in media across the country as, the America and Clarin groups, and some international, with sports photography, such as the newspaper Mercurio of Chile and the BBC website through its calls.
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